BOOK REVIEW: DAVID L. MARQUET (2012). Turn the Ship Around! How to Create Leadership at Every Level? Greenleaf Book Group Press). McGraw Hill Education. ISBN: 978-007-1799-66-9, 224 pages, USD 15.75

Publication Date : 01/05/2017

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 2
(05 - 2017)

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L. David Marquet had a distinguished career in the U.S submarine force. He is a top graduate from the U.S Naval Academy. He commanded the nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine USS Santa Fe, stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Captain Marquet completely turned around Santa Fe, where the crew went from being "worst to first." Santa Fe earned numerous awards for being the most improved ship in the Pacific and the most combat-effective ship in the squadron. Santa Fe continued to win awards after his departure and promoted a disproportionate number of officers and enlisted men to positions of increased responsibility. After riding USS Santa Fe, noted author Stephen R. Covey said it was the most empowering organization he'd ever seen and wrote about Captain Marquet's leadership practices in his book, The 8th Habit.

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