Publication Date : 01/05/2017

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 2
(05 - 2017)

Abstract :

Mulberry is a plant which its leaf has a lot of advantages. Two of many mulberry’s advantages are a. it can function as silk worm’s food and b. it can also be processed to become healthy drinks like mulberry tea). Mulberry has potential to be developed. The plant maintenance is easy, as well as the plant maintenance cost is low. The problem is that all along soil in the mulberry plants cultivation area are using a traditional method. The process in making the plants hole are done by using traditional equipments. This mechanism will reduce the plant production, and it is ineffective for a long term. Science and technology for society (translation in Bahasa: Iptek bagi Masyarakat/IbM) program aims to improve the mulberry leaf production. Through the new method of plant hole making, plants will be fertile. This will increase the income and economy of farmer group. The success level indicator from this program is that there is an enhancement of society participation and an better intention from the mulberry farmer group particularly in Pakatto village, Bontomarannu Regency at Gowa District, to apply cutting-edge technology of mulberry maker. This program is effective by making the plant hole first and not to make the patio bench like usual. The program methods are operated through training, development, and mulberry cultivation, that are not only effective but also low-cost in doing it. The process of making the plant hole involves some steps. They are mulberry production, plant material management, and planting time. Hence, this paper discusses the program, the process and its practical use.

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