Publication Date : 01/09/2017

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 3
(09 - 2017)

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The economic reforms initiated by India in 1991 following a macro economic crisis have evoked considerable debate and controversy, especially regarding its social implications. However, the main questions these reform measures all over the world raise are that whether the results of these are reaching to the people (micro level). Here an attempt is made to study the rural poverty in Kerala in the post-reform period. There is an increasing criticism that this reform process has left out agriculture and certain other marginalized sections from its purview. This might have definitely prevented the trickling down of the benefits of reform process into these sections. It would therefore be proper to undertake an assessment of the poverty scenario in Kerala in the post reform period especially in the rural areas. This study examines the trend in rural poverty in Kerala during the period 1961 to 2005 and analyses the structure, characteristics and problems of rural poverty with special reference to agriculture, fisheries and tribal sector and studies the effects of economic reforms on rural poverty among the marginalized sections. It is highly useful to professionals and researchers those who are working on development economics and poverty related studies.

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