Publication Date : 01/09/2018

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 3
(09 - 2018)

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WeChat as a third party software that exists in the current market, is an instant messaging application that enables users to send voice, video, pictures and text to their contacts through mobile network. WeChat is free to install, use, and download, and supports all smartphone platforms including iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems. Nowadays, WeChat has become an important social media platform in China and has enter Malaysia market in 2012 but officially launched in 2013. This assignment has divided into five main parts which is background of WeChat’s company and product, environment analysis, marketing strategy, segmentation and targeting, and recommendation for WeChat. The objective of this assignment is to give the reader an overview of WeChat marketing in Malaysia. In the environment analysis section, SWOT, PESTLE, VRIO analysis have been provided. Here the reader will all be able to find out the internal and external analysis of WeChat and find the competitive advantage of WeChat through the VRIO analysis. In the marketing strategy section, 4Ps of the marketing mix which include product, price, place and promotion has shed lights on the performance of WeChat. Through the segmentation section, able to study the demographic, psychographic, behavioural and benefit segmentation of WeChat. Reader will find out how WeChat target their users in which kind of the segmentation. Lastly, the recommendation for the company’s issue and future prospects.

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