BOOK REVIEW – Adil Lamnini (2018). Startdown: The real-life chronicles of a Moroccan entrepreneur Paperback. Independently published. ISBN-10: 1091539391, ISBN-13: 978- 1091539396

Publication Date : 01/09/2019

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 4
Issue 3
(09 - 2019)

Abstract :

By creating “Association Professionnelle des Marques Marocaines” and the Label “Made in Morocco” whose vocation is to mentor and promote young Moroccan brands with high export potential, this serial entrepreneur is committed to strengthen up the network of the Moroccan entrepreneurial ecosystem. His ambition is to support the greatest number of young bloods in having the courage to make change, innovation and propose effective, inclusive and sustainable solutions at the service of our Kingdom. He recounts his entrepreneurial journey, failures, and the lessons learned to the success pathway in his book entitled “Startdown”: Chronicles of a Moroccan Entrepreneur. Adil LAMNINI shares his expertise as a training speaker with companies, national and international organizations.

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